Vintage 2012 - McLaren Vale

Author: MVCellars   Date Posted:31 May 2012 

McLaren Vale experienced a relatively early start and finish to its 2012 vintage, with the first grapes harvested in the first week of February. Most of the grapes were picked by the end of the first week in April. The region experienced relatively mild to warm days over the ripening period. 
Nights have been cool, culminating in great ripening conditions. We did have three rain events during harvest, but no significant disease problems occurred.
The yields for this vintage are 20-30% down on average. This has been due to a combination of smaller berries and bunch sizes.

In 2011 vintage was about 46,000 tonnes (38,000t red and 8000t white). This year, an early count suggests both Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are down by about 20-30%, which could see around 5000t of white grape harvest from McLaren Vale.
McLaren Vale’s red harvest is also expected to drop, with the largest falls in yield affecting the high grade A and B Shiraz and Cabernet yields. Some growers recorded on average between 20-50% drops. C-grade blocks were less affected but still 10-15% down. 


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