Bec Hardy Wines

Thomas Hardy was the region’s first settler and is widely regarded as the father of the South Australian wine industry. In 1980, Bec’s father Geoff left the then family-owned Hardys to make his own way in the Australian wine world. Inspired by her father’s passion for cultivating premium fruit and producing fine wines, Bec also went on to study and work in the wine industry in both Australia and overseas, including for her father’s company Wines by Geoff Hardy.

In 2015, Bec decided to make her own way in the Australian wine word and founded Bec Hardy Wines. In 2020, she acquired the Pertaringa wine brand from Wines by Geoff Hardy, becoming the first woman in the family to own vineyards and produce her own wine.

The Hardy family connection continues with family members John and Helen Hardy growing fruit for Bec Hardy Wines at their Lower Tintara vineyard. This vineyard was originally planted by Thomas Hardy and is only 2km from Bec’s own Tipsy Hill vineyard in Blewitt Springs. In close collaboration with Bec, John and Helen are also planting new varieties specifically for Bec Hardy Wines.

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