Red Wine Varieties




Have you tried a McLaren Vale Shiraz yet? Just checking. She has two names. Syrah, and Shiraz, depending on your topical location in the globe. Our Shiraz is fruit-forward, fatty, and is balanced with savory undertones. Darker than a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz is known for mid-palate sweetness and balanced acidity. It leans on the side of occasionally jammy to a pick-me-up tartness that makes it unique and a cult classic. Shiraz LOVES soft cheeses, spiced meats, bacon, and bitter dark chocolates.



A classic. A staple. A go-to. It is one of the most POPULAR wines in the world and easily the most high class. It is wonderful in the evening and with a light lunch in a Tuscan villa. Depending on your region, this will influence the type of grape and flavor of the Cabernet Sauvignon. We will now call it Cab for short. It’s simpler and much cooler. Cabs tend to be balanced between a fruity and herbal flavor with deep rich notes of cherries and currants topped with a dash of spice. One of our favorite things to do is pair a Cab with nice red meat, be it lamb or a petite filet. Add on a sauteed asparagus, and whipped garlic russet potato to complete the meal and full Cab experience.



Sweet, sensual, but nothing tart. Full-bodied, with high alcohol content and acidity, Malbec’s are originally French and are a very easy drinking wine. Oddly enough, most Malbec’s today are now produced in Argentina. Expect to find a beautiful, juicy, and wildly intoxicating purple tone to the wine while sipping on the aroma of a smoky summer plum. Malbec’s are a go-to for similar flavors that involve a peppery undertone, blue cheese, asiago, and hints of sage. We suggest pairing with lean pork or wild and mushroom risotto!



A fan favorite and all-around A+ game player, the Pinot Noir is light, soothing, and delicate. It is the most easygoing. Definitely, someone, you would invite to happy hour or an after-dinner aperitif. Expect to find more berry-like flavors including blackberry rums, light raspberry, and cinnamon cloves. We LOVE to pair Pinot’s with a nice roasted vegetable dish, salmon nigiri, or a duck ragu. Pinot’s are also a go-to for anyone just entering into the wine realm or looking for a good pairing with a dark chocolate cake.



Pulling in with a Silver Medal. The Merlot is the second most popular wine and most planted grape on the planet. Another wonderful entryway into the world of wine as it is easy to drink and has no bitter aftertaste. The tannins reach towards the lower side and some have called it a soft and sensual wine. Get back to us on whether you agree or not. It has a wonderful plummy and smooth texture that truly makes you feel high class. It’s dry, balanced, and pairs well in a variety of settings. Perhaps on an early evening with a charcuterie board or a gourmet Kobe beef slider. In addition! It is one of our favorites for firing up tomato-based pasta dishes and roasted meats!




Or should we say Ciao? Sangiovese is the Cabarnet of Italy. If you are really looking to impress your Italian friends, make direct eye contact with your waiter and order the Chianti confidently. They'll know what to do. It's experimental like nothing you will find in the US and has smoky, tobacco-like, and a light density. You obviously MUST order a classic Margherita or another Italian favorite when enjoying! It’s slightly tart, magical, and very unique and flavorful wine.



Light-bodied similarly to the Pinot Noir, the ZInfandel is refreshing, bold, and has high acidity and moderate tannin levels. They stand out for their dark coloring but are really set apart by the spicy red berries that come forth through the flavor. A very dry sweet wine, we suggest pairing with a summer barbeque, grilled meats, and very pungent cheese.

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