About Us

An idea struck the eldest of three siblings and in 2010 the Australian owned online store was born.

Welcome to McLaren Vale Cellars….

Our story starts from a young age, brought up among the vineyards and wineries, new and old in McLaren Vale. We lived and breathed the life of a winemaker through our parents and grandparents while working within the local wineries over many vintages.

It’s no joke…anytime that we went on a family holiday, it would result in travelling to other winemaking regions, only to check out the best and latest winery designs and technology. Of course, our lives have changed over the years and the wine scene is very different. But we can’t get enough of it and love every minute of being involved.

We knew that our passion for making wine was loved by those that we encountered and we wanted to ensure that many more could enjoy that same passion. This is how McLaren Vale Cellars was created, we wanted to give our customers the ability to share in the enjoyment by having access to the best that the McLaren Vale region had to offer.

It doesn’t get much better than the first crush of each vintage….Well it is a messy job, but you won’t hear us complaining, we are just happy that you can enjoy it once all the hard work is done.