Free Returns Policy!

Author: McLaren Vale Cellars   Date Posted:26 January 2021 

100% Happiness Guarantee - Free Returns Policy!

100% Happiness Guarantee - Free Returns Policy!

Here at Mclaren Vale Cellars we aren't happy unless our valued customers are happy!

So we have launched our 100% Happiness Guarantee!!!!!!!

This means any of our customers that do not enjoy a product that they have recently purchased return their item for free, all you have to do is either email or message us via our socials.

McLaren Vale Cellars will then either swap your purchase for a product of your choice (for the same value as originally purchased) or give you a refund.

It's easy....All you have to do is send us a message. (extra points if you can make it rhyme)

Once your message is received, McLaren Vale Cellars will email you a return Aust Post label to print and stick on the box. Please ensure to pack it well, so the bottles and liquid gold :) stays in one piece.

The last step.....take it to your friendly Aust post local and hand them the goods, give them an elbow high five and skip to your car (some of these steps may be optional, up to you).  

Most importantly our process is 100% free to make your return. No cost to you, as we know you are going to love it.

Once received, McLaren Vale Cellars, will pack and post your replacement box or send you back your funds.

To see the full terms and conditions to our return policy, head to the following page.

Thank you for your support! Please continue to check out our latest specials from our local McLaren Vale Wineries.


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